Timothy and Margaret's 10th Anniversary Holiday Photos

As promised, here are our favourite photographs from our 10th wedding anniversary holiday.
Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.





Resplendent palace of the Grandmasters of the Knights of St. John. Statue on street corner, Valetta.    




Traditional decorated door in the Tunis medina.

Roman mosaic of one of the four seasons in the Bardo museum in Tunis.

Stage of the theatre at the Roman ruins of Dougga. Timothy in front of the capitol at Dougga.

Timothy at Dougga. Margaret on a mosaic at Dougga. Two hams on the theatre stage at Dougga. Margaret at Berber troglodyte Sidi Driss hotel, set of the original Star Wars movie.
Deserted Berber Ksar, Ouled Soltane. Margaret at Ksar Ouled Soltane. Margaret at abandoned Berber city of Guermessa at sunset. Roman mosaic of Dionysios on a tiger at the El-Jem museum.
Magnificant Roman colosseum of El-Jem.      


Timothy at Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. Timothy reflecting inside Hassan II mosque. Timothy at the capitol of the Roman ruins at Volubilis. Margaret at Volubilis.
Timothy in front of the basilica at Volubils. Stinking tanners' pits in the medina of Fes.    




Barbary Macaque high above the city.      


Gothic statues flanking an entrance to the cathedral of Seville. Margaret in Seville. Mezquita, a former mosque, now a church, in Cordoba. Architectural features of the Mezquita.


Timothy in the creepy Capela dos Osso (Chapel of Bones), Evora.  Capela dos Osso.  Torre de Belem, Lisbon. Praca Dom Pedro IV (Rossio), Lisbon.  The 'rolling pavements' produce an optical illusion of troughs and ridges.
The rambling Pena Palace, Sintra. Margaret in front of azulejos (hand painted tiles) at Pena Palace. Timothy relaxing in Pena Palace gardens.  

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