Timothy and Margaret's 2005 Trip to Ecuador

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Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands




For the first four nights in the Galapagos we stayed in the Red Mangrove Inn.      


Diving in Academy Bay, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands


This sting ray was hiding on the bottom. There were plenty of decent sized fish. The second dive was at a site called Loberia (the place of the lions - sea lions). Margaret showing me how it is done.

These barnacle blennys are about the size of a pea. There were lots of sea lions playing around us.   Here they are again, playing above the two of us.

They were very inquisitive about the camera. A movie of sea lions playing with us - requires Windows Media Player (available for Windows and Mac) A braver fish than most.  


Diving at Santa Fe, Galapagos Islands


This tiny fish followed our dive master's fin for about two minutes, and even stuck to it when he took the fin off for this photo opportunity. This tiny nudibranch is half the size of a pea, and hard to spot even with its bright colouring. A moray eel. And another.

There was plenty of sea grass for the fish to feed upon. Plenty of beautiful sea stars.    


More fish. Timothy at the end of the Day. Margaret cleaning her wetsuit.  


Diving at Floreana, Galapagos Islands


There were schools of fish with hundreds, even thousands of fish of a single type at times. Different types of corals than we were used to in Australia.  The true colours of corals only show up with  flash photography. A king angelfish.



A streamer hog fish.      


San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands


On the fourth day after arriving we started our cruise, and the first stop was a beach on San Cristobal where sea lions lounged about.

They didn't seem scared of humans at all. That evening we had a beautiful sunset.  


Espanola, Galapagos Islands

Marine iguanas basked on the rocks. Sally lightfoot crabs scuttled among them. Blue footed boobies performed their courtship dance, seemingly ignorant of our presence.  Here the male is showing his wings. The female reciprocating.

Then both together. A movie of the blue footed booby courtship dance - requires Windows Media Player (available for Windows and Mac) The waved albatross. The swallow-tailed gull.
    Marine iguanas hanging out together...often sharing space to share warmth. The masked booby.
  All of the animals seem to live in close proximity.    
Snorkling later that day, we caught a white-tip reef shark on camera. King angelfish. There were litterally dozens of golden rays. And another pacific green turtle.

South Plaza, Galapagos Islands

  A land iguana.   As Timothy walks back to the shoreline you can see our boat, the Millennium, in the background.
Marine iguanas. The hard to photograph red-billed tropic bird. The two of us towards the end of the day.  

Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands


Back on Santa Cruz island, we visited the Charles Darwin research station where giant tortoises are raised and then returned to the wild.  And here an adult male. An adult male and an adult female. A movie of giant land tortoises - requires Windows Media Player (available for Windows and Mac)
A lava tube (on an eight second exposure). A yellow warbler.    

Rabida, Galapagos Islands

  A female lava lizard, the red neck indicating that she is sexually mature. A blue footed booby dive-fishing. A blue footed booby having a look under the water.

Santiago, Galapagos Islands

A fur seal, not to be confused with a sea lion.   Margaret with a sea lion. Another sting ray.

Lots of white-tip reef sharks; nothing to worry about. A movie of white-tip reef sharks - requires Windows Media Player (available for Windows and Mac) Another pacific green turtle. Another beautiful sunset.

Bartolome, Galapagos Islands

Morning panga ride to search for penguins. A relatively recent geological feature, Bartolome island is only beginning to show sings of life...    
A sunken caldera can only be recognised from some height.  Much of the island looks more like a lunar landscape.    

Santiago, Galapagos Islands

Ropy lava. Flamingos on shore.  More penguins and the Millenium.  

This one in the water. A particularly curious pup. KFP tonight. A movie of a penguin chasing fish underwater - requires Windows Media Player (available for Windows and Mac)

A movie of two pacific green turtles, one taking a bite at the other - requires Windows Media Player (available for Windows and Mac)      

Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

A panga ride into a lagoon.      

South Plaza, Galapagos Islands

A parrot fish. A female great frigate. A male great friggate, puffing up its pouch in an attempt to attract a mate.  

Mainland Ecuador (Quito and The Otavalo)

Standing on the equator. The Otovalo country-side was wonderfully verdant. Otavalo is famous for its market that goes back to pre-Inca times.   

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