Miscellaneous Photos from 2005

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In February we visited Louise, Tim, and Sam in Salt Lake City.  We couldn't miss the chance to hit the slopes at Snowbird. Timothy got a camera as an early birthday present, so we both went to the San Francisco zoo to get some practice in before our trip to Ecuador. How much can a polar bear? A little practice with night photography and longer exposure times.  This shot of a carrousel at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

An even longer exposure time.      


April (don't forget to check out the Ecuador page)


Sarah visited us and we took her to Monterey to visit its world famous aquarium.      




With summer well in swing, San Francisco held its annual Carnaval, celebrating all things Latin. Here the Bolivians get their thing on. Everyone was having a good time...  

...a real good time!      




In June Jill visited.  It was a foggy day in "Fog City", which lent a certain mystery to the statues outside the Legion of Honor museum. Jill's the laugher; Rodan's the thinker. Jill and Margaret modelling the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog forming where the wind blows ashore.

The Pride parade is colourful. And... um... colourful. Having a blue day. Don't ask, don't tell.

Viva la' liberte!      




In July, Kim's friend Chris visited.  It was a beautiful day at Firsherman's Wharf... ...and here at Coit Tower... ...but foggy at the Golden Gate... .. and Alcatraz.

  Sunset across the bay as we left Alcatraz... ...its lighthouse beacon fading into the fog.  


August (don't forget to check out the Hawaii big island page)




Dia de los muertos - the day of the dead!!!! Otherwise known as All Souls Day. San Franciscan's honour the Hispanic tradition of remembering their dearly departed. Some carry candles.

Others dress up as rabbits. Either way, spooky stuff. Even the kids get into it. And of course, any excuse to dance like a lunatic.




In December we returned to Salt Lake City to visit our friends Louise and Tim and their son Sam, the youngest man to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel, shown here before his history making trip. We returned to Snowbird to enjoy some of Utah's famous ski slopes. Meg dreaming of a white Christmas. Tim enjoying the solitude of the green slopes.

A movie of a Meg skiing- requires Windows Media Player (available for Windows and Mac). A movie of a Tim skiing- requires Windows Media Player (available for Windows and Mac).    

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